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Please do not judge "the cobbler" by her own shoes. But rather by the "websites" she has created. The way I see it, is that if I am working on this site, I am not working on your site!

Below are links to some examples of the websites I have created.

Witticisms Ink has  been designing websites since 1999
 and webhosting since 2001.


SNOWWOWL - SnowwOwl's Award Winning Website Filled with His Articles, Native American Information, Native American Art, Nature Art, Guest Writings, Featured Artists, Featured Websites, Links, Recipes, Humor and more. 

ART INYO MC KELLIPS - A Lifetime of WoodCarving, the website is a work in progress, when completed will display most of the artwork from this incredible Native American artist, including sculptures, figurines, wall plaques, murals, etc, of athletes, animals, birds, pioneers, trappers, Native Americans, religious figures, musicians, fantasy figures and more. Don't forget to sign the GuestBook.


  ROSEWOOD GARDENS & NURSERY- The Rosewood Gardens and Nursery is located in the beautiful Cole Valley, west of Roseburg and southwest of Sutherlin, in Douglas County, Oregon.

 LEADERSHIP DYNAMICS GROUP-a Management and Human Resource Development Company

BROTHER WOLF and FRIENDS- a website for Kathy Grimes, a "healing touch" practitioner, animal communicator and speaker. Includes Friendly humor and wisdom.

  ANDY J ANDERSON- The totally conscious music of Andy Anderson.

JEWELRY MAE-a website displaying the jewelry of Jewelry Mae as well as much information on stones, their origins and  healing properties, zodiac stones, birthstones, days of the week stones, anniversary stones, stones of countries, history of stones and stone connections-religious and cultural.

WOLFSVISION-Multi-Media Productions including the making of environmental videos, video recording of oral histories, analog (tapes) to digital (DVD) conversions and editing, snuggled amongst the redwoods of Geronimo Valley.


ART WIZARDRY-The Art, the Wizard, Cool Links and Games--
Chess, Hangaroo, Simon, Pacman, Tetris, Hexxagon, Bowling, Grand Prix, Flash Golf, Ski Run and Helicopter.



On the websites above I have created all of the graphics and many of the animations. I have also created most of the content. The more information you can give me the better your site will be- and the less work I must do. Which translates to less cost for you. I believe the success of any website, depends on the information that is given to those who visit the site and on constant updating- giving the  visitors a reason to return and to share your link.
This is also what most search engines look for in a good website. 
On this website check out the Computer Consultations page for some free info about computers. Or the new
Computer Tips page with links to detailed easy to print instructions

I can create the site and maintain it. I know how to make the site both user and search engine friendly. But a website  needs to be a collaborative effort between you and the Webmaster. You know your business and your target customers. And I know the internet! I want to work with you creating the site  you want, that will attract visitors through the search engines and keep them, by having a user friendly site.

Publishing is not the end of my job. I will continue with the site until we are both happy with the results. And by results- I do not mean the response you think you should get from the site. I can only give you the best website using the information you have given me and my own feelings for what will make people want to come to your site. 

For an additional fee I will gladly maintain your site with those updates that I mentioned before. After creating your site I have a vested interest in keeping it up. But, again that is up to you.

As for prices, it depends on the amount of graphics and content I must create for the site. The more you can supply- the less the cost. If you have seen prices on other websites- you know it is not cheap. To give you a list of prices with- "2 photos and one animation and so many words"- is to say your website will be like all other websites.

I believe every website should be different. You are unique and your website should reflect this uniqueness. 

After communicating with you-via phone or  Email- about what you want- I will give you an idea of the cost of your site. As long as you do not add to your requirements, I will not add to the agreed price.

At that time, if we are in agreement, I will require some money up front. Then I will begin to do some work-up for your approval. If you like the direction it is going, then I will require another portion of the payment. This is necessary because most of the work involved is the graphics and the set up.

Once the website is published I will require full payment of the balance due. At that point, your site will be up and running. 

When I receive final payment, I will send you a back-up copy of your site.

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**A small disclaimer: The above Personal websites are members  of my family and links are with full approval. I have done other Personal websites- but I feel those links are for those people to give out. Just as I would not add links to your personal pages unless you requested it.




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